Lipi Lekhika


Lekhan Sahayika

Lekhan Sahayika(Typing Helper) helps you while typing.

Phonetic Usage Tables

The Usage Tables (or Transliteration Maps) use closest Alphabet in English to map the sounds of Indian Languages.

Support all the Brahmic scripts

Lipi Lekhika currently supports all major modern Indian Scripts Derived from the Brahmic Script. In the future Support for South-East Asian Scripts and other related Scripts will also be added.
Currently Supported Languages :- Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia, Konkani, Assamese, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Punjabi(Gurumukhi). It also has support for lossless conversion and typing of Indian Languages with Romanized (ISO 15919) standard. Lipi Lekhika also supports Modi, Sharada, Brahmi, Siddham and Granth.

Lipi parivartak

Lipi Lekhika also includes a tool named Lipi Parivartak which can convert one Script from one to another. It can be used in the Online Version as well as in the Computer Version.